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Mediensymposium zum Thema Sense/Sensations

mit Vorträgen von Anna Ida Oroz, Paul Wells, Bonnie Mitchell, Daniel Šuljic, Pierre Hébert, Erwin Feyersinger, Eliška Děcká, Hrvoje Turkovic, Kalle Laar, Nikica Gilic.

6. - 8. März 2015

Raum D / quartier21  /  Electric Avenue
MuseumsQuartier Wien  /  Museumsplatz 1/5, A-1070 Wien  /  Austria

Top Kino / Rahlgasse 1 (Ecke Theobaldgasse) / 1060 Wien /

Sternstudio / Mayergasse 7 / 1020 Wien /

Webster Vienna Private University / Praterstrasse 23 / 1020 Wien /

Detailliertes Programm: www.under-radar.com

Veranstaltet von ASIFA AUSTRIA, Webster Vienna Private University und dma-production.

Die Mediation der Sinne verbindet Aussenwelt mit persönlichen Erfahrungen und ermöglicht so eine Kommunikation ohne langwierige Erklärungen. Alle Wahrnehmungen audiovisoeller Medien sind mit den Sinnen und Gefühlen verbunden. Wie nähern sich Künstler den menschlichen Sinnen an, wie arbeiten sie mit ihnen, wie stellen sie sie dar? Was würde einen Forscher daran interessieren, was ist hier konzeptuell, ästhetisch, sinnlich möglich? Das Symposium umkreist die Beschäftigung mit unseren Sinnen und wie mit ihnen in Animation, Experimentalfilm und Medienkunst gearbeitet wird.

Am 7. und 8.3.2015 ab 10:30 sprechen die internationalen Vortagenden (GB, US, HUN, HR, CAN, AUT, GER) zum Thema Sense/Sensuality im Raum D/quartier21, wobei Pierre Hébert (CAN) seine Installation im Asifakeil persönlich präsentieren und mit einer Live-Animation-Performance auftreten wird.


Freitag, 06.03.2015

17:00 Eröffnungscocktail an der Webster Vienna Private University
19:00 Vernissage Ausstellung Kalle und Augusta Laar in der Galerie Sternstudio (Mayergasse 7, 1020)

Samstag, 07.03.2015

10:30 - 15:30 Vorträge im Raum D/quartier21 MQ
18:00 - 23:00 Screenings im Topkino (Rahlgasse 1, 1060)

Sonntag, 08.03.2015

10:30-15.30 Vorträge im Raum D/quartier21 MQ
16:00 Performance Pierre Hébert im Raum D/quartier21 MQ




Professor Paul Wells is Director of the Animation Academy, Loughborough University UK. He has published widely in animation studies including 'Understanding Animation', 'The Animated Bestiary' and his latest book, 'Animation, Sport & Culture'. He is also an established writer and director for theatre, film, TV and radio, and conducts consultancies and workshops worldwide based on his book, 'Scriptwriting'. His most recent documentary is 'Whispers & Wererabbits: Clare Jennings', featuring Nick Park, and he is currently working on a feature script and a collection of short stories.

Topic of the presentation: Chairy Tales: Object and Material Sense in Animation


Bonnie Mitchell is an American animator, artist, educator and author. Her research and creative interests include experimental animation, interactive immersive installation art, psychology, computer science and geology. Ms. Mitchell's artwork explores perception, the sense of presence and natural phenomena through experiential relationships to our physical and psychological environment. The works use digital special effects in non-conventional ways along with multiple projections, sculpted spaces, electronics, and experimental sound. Ms. Mitchell's animations and installations have been screened and exhibited at festivals, concerts and art exhibitions around the world. Bonnie Mitchell has also curated international exhibitions including the SIGGRAPH 2006 Art Show: Intersections, GRAPHITE in Perth, Australia and Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia among others. She is also on the Board of Directors of ISEA International, the organization overseeing the International Symposium on Electronic Art. Ms. Mitchell is the author of the interactive Core Concepts in Art and Core Concepts in Humanities series both published by McGraw-Hill, NY and the interactive Gateways to Art materials. She is currently writing a book on animation as a fine art form.

Topic of the presentation:
Immersive Animation Experiences: Perception, Sensation and Manipulated States of Consciousness


Formerly an employee of the National film board of Canada where he directed over twenty animation shorts and a feature (La Plante humaine, best Quebec feature award 1996), Pierre Hébert is now an independent artist and filmmaker. Since 2001, he traveled the world with his musician colleague Bob Ostertag and presented the Living Cinema live animation performance over 80 times. He also worked with many other musicians. He equally collaborated with dance companies in New York, Montreal and France and published two books and many articles on cinema and animation. He also pursue a carreer as a visual artist. His current project is a new series of flims “Places and Monuments” for which he received from the conseil des arts et des lettres du Québec the prestigious «career grant» for cinema. The last episode of this series is a video installation, Berlin – The Passage of Time. In 2005, he was the recipient of the “Albert Tessier” cinema award from the Quebec government for lifetime achievement. In August 2010, he was granted an honorary professorship by the Emily Carr University of Art and Design.

Topic of the presentation: Video installations and performances, a new understanding of animation


Born in 1986 in Budapest, Hungary. She studied film theory & history and English language & literature at the Budapest Eötvös Lóránd University (ELTE). Currently she is a PhD student at ELTE’s Institute of Art Theory and Media Studies researching animated documentaries. She is in the editorial of Prizma (“Prism”), a peer-reviewed quarterly and online journal of film art founded in 2009, where her animation-related essays and reviews are published. She has been in the organizing committee of the Hungarian Kecskemét Animation Film Festival (KAFF) since 2009. With Tamás Patrovits, she is the co-founder and curator of Primanima World Festival of First Animations first organized in 2012 in Budaörs, Hungary.

Topic of the presentation:
Rendering the experience – How animated documentaries grasp the sense of reality


Erwin Feyersinger is an assistant professor at the University of Innsbruck in the Department of American Studies. His research is concerned with animation studies and transmedial theories, and relies mainly on narratological, poetic, semiotic, and cognitive frameworks. He is member of the editorial board of Animation: An Interdisciplinary Journal. He is coordinator of the interest group AG Animation as part of the Gesellschaft für Medienwissenschaft (GfM). With Maike Sarah Reinerth, he has recently guest edited an issue of Montage AV on animation

Topic of the presentation: Sensing and Making Sense


Sound artist, composer, dj, author of radioplays. Founder of the Temporary Soundmuseum, a broad collection of vinyl documents on contemporary history. Exhibitions, performances, project development for overtures.de, e.g. art biennials of Venice and Havana, Ars Electronica Linz, Transmediale Berlin. Lectures on Perception, Sound and Art, e.g. Technical University Munich, Nanjang University Singapore.

Topic of the presentation: Can You Hear Me? Some Remarks on Sound and Perception

Eliška Děcká (CZ)

Eliška Děcká is a PhD candidate at FAMU Prague. With her academic past including MAs from Film Studies and Law (both at Charles University in Prague) she focuses with her research and publication activities on contemporary independent auteur animation and its close connection with our society and current social issues. Her methodology is often based on oral history and strong interaction with animation practitioners. She has been member of the Society for Animation Studies since 2009 and presented her papers at SAS’s annual conferences (last time in Toronto 2014). She teaches at J. A. Komensky University in Prague and collaborates as a dramaturgist with various animation festivals. In 2014, she founded a non-profit organization “AniScreen” producing site-specific screenings of animated independent short films.

Topic of the presentation: This doesn’t feel right!


Daniel Šuljić graduated from the College of Applied Arts in Vienna in 1997. He employs a specific animation technique, painting on glass. He is an associate lecturer in the Department of Animation and New Media at the Academy of Fine Arts in Zagreb. His films include: Evening Star (1993), Walz (1994), Leckdonalds (1995), Highway 59 (1996), Kolač (1997), Sunce, sol i more (1997), Film s djevojčicom (2000), Kratak život (2007) and Mogu si to jako dobro zamisliti (2004).


(1943, Zagreb, Croatia) Film theorist and critic, he worked at the Academy of Drama Art, University of Zagreb, lecturing mostly film theory (film editing and film discourse) from 1977 to the retirement in 2009. (as a full professor), still teaching as an external professor. He is a member of the editorial board of the film magazine Hrvatski filmski ljetopis/Croatian Cinema Chronicle, and the chief editor of the Filmski enciklopedijski rjecnik/Film Encyclopedic Dictionary (in progress, Leksikografski zavod Miroslav Krleza). He published numerous articles and 13 books on film and TV, one of them on animation (Zivot izmisljotina/Life of Fabrications, 2012).

Topic of the presentation: “Feel” of the texture and the pictorial gag in “Zagreb shool” films


(1973, Split, Croatia) Film theorist and historian, works as associate professor and Chair of Film Studies at the Department for comparative literature, Faculty of humanities and social sciences in Zagreb, where he got his Ph.D. in film theory. He also teaches film theory at the Academy of Drama Art in Zagreb and he is an associate Research Fellow at Graduate School for East and Southeast European Studies in Regensburg and Munich. Editor-in-chief of the film journal Hrvatski filmski ljetopis/Croatian Cinema Chronicle, he published three books in cinema studies and numerous articles in journals and books. He was editor of Filmski leksikon (Film Lexicon, 2003, with Bruno Kragić) that also deals with animation.

Topic of the presentation:
Attack on the Senses: What we can and what we should understand in the rich animation of Nedeljko Dragić’s Dnevnik (Diary)


entire event will be hosted and moderated by Holger Lang and Franziska Bruckner.


Filmprogram 1: in567-Sense/Sensations

07. März 2015 - 18:00

Zum fünften Mal wird ein Kurzfilmprogramm unter dem Vorzeichen “in567” vorgestellt. Alle Filme sind kürzer als 9 Minuten und 27 Sekunden, eröffnen uns ihre Erlebniswelt also in maximal 567 Sekunden. Auch im diesjährigen Programm werden verschiedenste Zugänge zu Animation, experimenteller Arbeit, Unterhaltung, Stil, Sprache und Struktur präsentiert. Junge Österreichische Filmkünstler werden zusammen mit internationalen Filmemachern in einer spannenden und vergnüglichen Anthologie präsentiert. Die Liste der enthaltenen Filme wird Anfang März festgelegt werden, zusammengestellt wird das Programm von Holger Lang. 

Filmprogram 2:
Austrian Animated Experiments - 30 Jahre ASIFA AUSTRIA

07. März 2015 - 20:00

Anlässlich ihres dreißigsten Jubiläums präsentiert ASIFA AUSTRIA eine Auswahl an experimentellen österreichischen Animationsfilmen, die nun zum ersten Mal im Zuge des medienwissenschaftlichen Symposiums „Under the Radar“ vorgestellt wird. Die Vielseitigkeit der animierten Schätze der letzten Jahre und Jahrzehnte, bei deren Zusammenstellung ein direkter Bezug zur Animationsfilmorganisation ASIFA AUSTRIA ausschlaggebend war, zeigt, dass der österreichische Zugang zur Animation aufregend und fesselnd ist. Quer durch alle Stile und Dramaturgien ist über die politische Satire bis hin zu non-narrativen und abstrakten Arbeiten alles zu finden. Alle Möglichkeiten des künstlerischen Animationsfilms werden ausgeschöpft, re-kombiniert und erweitert: vom Zeichenfilm über Sandanimation und gemalten Filmen sowie deren digitalen Erweiterungen bis hin zu experimenteller Verwendung von Computeranimation. Eine Symbiose zwischen Kunst und Film, die man nicht verpassen sollte.

Filmprogram 3: Mackinnon & Saunders: A Model Studio

07. März 2015 - 22:00

Paul Wells präsentiert in diesem Teil seiner Dokumentarfilmreihe die berühmte Britische Animationsfilmproduktion `Mackinnon & Saunders`. Das Studio, das hinter Filmen wie `Frankenweeine`, `The `Corpse Bride`, `Mars Attacks`, `The Fantastic Mr Fox`, `Bob the Builder` und vielen anderen steht, wird aus dem Schatten der oft viel mehr beachteten Regisseure hervorgeholt und in all seinen Facetten vorgestellt. Es wird ein Blick hinter die Kulissen erfolgreicher Animationsfilme ermöglicht und die im Hintergrund arbeitenden Künstler, Designer, Modellbauer und Animatoren zeigen, wie durch sie die jeweils einzigartige Seele im Inneren dieser Produktionen geweckt worden ist.

EXPERIMENTALFILME: 100.000 Things and Doings

09. März 2015 - 21:30

In seinem neusten Film stellt Holger Lang kurze, in sich abgeschlossene Produktionen in einen grösseren Bezug zueinander.  Wie in einem Puzzle stehen die einzelnen Teile nebeneinander und zeigen in ihrer Summe ein komplexes und vielschichtiges Bild. Zwar können die Segmente des Filmes als eigenständige Arbeiten gesehen werden, in diesem Album fügen sie sich zusätzlich dazu aber auch zu einem umfassenderen Erlebnis zusammen. Die enthaltenen Abschnitte sind audio-visuelle Experimente, die sich mit Grenzen von filmischen Möglichkeiten, von Erzählformen, medialer Aesthetik und künstlerischen Konzepten auseinandersetzen. 

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