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Moving images, real experiences - lost in a digital space or rooted in the physical world?

The intersection of creative, experimental and commercial narrative techniques in a veil of moving images. Symposium with films, lectures, discussions and exhibitions.

Saturday, March 1st 2013 at 2:30 p.m. and Sunday, March 2nd at 11:30 a.m.
The symposium will be in English and open to the public.

Raum D / quartier21  /  Electric Avenue
MuseumsQuartier Wien  /  Museumsplatz 1/5, A-1070 Wien  /  Austria

Top Kino / Rahlgasse 1 (Ecke Theobaldgasse) / 1060 Wien /

under-the-radar - symposium

The symposium “under-the-radar” is an annual event that brings together scholars, artists, practitioners, producers, facilitators, students and anyone who is interested in creative motion media production.

This event is for artists, students, independent filmmakers, scholars, newcomers and people who enjoy working at the verges of media design, production and study – that could be in animation, experimental work, narrative shorts, documentaries, music-videos and media-art. The spillover between fields and disciplines like popular culture, research, production, underground and the academic world are as much in the interest of the organizers as interdisciplinary approaches that link seemingly unconnected fields of exploration, construction and management. It’s all about sound and moving images, independent from how work is categorized or labeled, such as film, video, animation or experimental media.

The Media-Communications department at Webster University Vienna, ASIFA-Austria (Austrian branch of the Association International du Film d’Animation) and the Viennese production company dma-pro.com are organizing this event also in 2014. The symposium will take place on March 1st and 2nd at Raum D/quartier21 at the MuseumsQuartier in Vienna and at the Top-Kino cinema nearby. It will be in English and is open to the public.

The topic for 2014 is “Release the Analog”. How you may understand this term is up for discussion and consideration. Is it the return of a technique or technology, a fashionable approach, a question of style or the comeback of method of production? “The Analog” can be seen as an antagonist of “the digital” or it may be a component of all current media work. Where in our computer-based production and distribution environment is this “analog heart”, the spirit and the ghost of the real, the non-digital center of the world? In an environment that is growingly dominated by the experience of bodiless images and synthesized sounds the connection to the inside, the origins and the hidden structures within is turning into a relevant question. What is it, that gives soul to the reflections of reality that we create with audio-visual media. Do we add this spark of life or is it this creature, this powerful beast that remains beyond our control? Do we experience the tensions between “The Analog” and “The Digital” as a battle, a fight between rivals and as a clash of the Titans of technology? Or is “The Analog” only another name for the all-connecting space that reaches out into all digital domains, creeps around on the inside and fills, like a bulging monster with countless tentacles, the hollow spaces between bits and bytes, numbers and codes?

Bewegte Bilder, reales Erleben - verloren im digitalen Raum oder verwurzelt in der körperlichen Welt?
Symposium mit Filmen, Vorträgen, Diskussionen und Ausstellungen. Die Verflechtung kreativer, experimenteller und kommerzieller Erzählmittel im Glanz der bewegten Bilder.

Das von Webster University Vienna und ASIFA-Austria und DMA-Pro in englischer Sprache veranstaltete Symposium findet am 1. und 2. März 2014 zum dritten Mal im MuseumQuartier Wien und erstmals auch im Top-Kino statt.

Die Veranstaltung richtet sich einerseits an Filmemacher und Animationskünstler, aber auch an Theoretiker, Wissenschafter und Studierende und ebenso an all jene, die sich für Animation und bewegte Bilder im weiteren Sinne interessieren. Die Herausforderungen der digitalen Revolution in der Medienproduktion und die sich entwickelnden Beziehungen zur analogen Welt sind ein zentrales Thema der Veranstaltung. Durch das vielfältige Programm des Symposiums wird zur Reflexion der möglichen Zugänge eingeladen und Interpretationen von bewegten Bildern und dem Eindruck von Lebendigkeit in visuellen Medien angeregt. 


Saturday March 1st, 2014

@ MuseumsQuartier - Raum D / quartier21

2:30 pm - fade in, casual get together
3:00 pm - introduction / welcoming our guests
3:15 pm - Werner Raczkövi in conversation with Franziska Bruckner and Nikolaus Jantsch
4:15 pm - Tess Martin workshop/talk

@ Top Kino

6:30 pm- Filmprogram 1 - “in567-released
8:30 pm- Filmprogram 2 - “Strange Creatures” and “Special: Elizabeth Hobbs

Sunday March 2nd, 2014

MuseumsQuartier, Raum D/quartier21 MQ

11:30 am - coffee-and-cake / casual
12:00 noon - introduction / welcoming our guests

The following order of presenters might change.

12:15 pm - presentation Elizabeth Hobbs
1:05 pm - presentation Nikolaus König
1:55 pm - presentation Simone Gristwood

2:45 - break

3:00 pm - presentation Monika Schwärzler
3:50 pm - presentation Jürgen Hagler
4:40 pm - Q&A with all participants - social fade out (open end)



Tess Martin – Animation Artist (US):
Tess Martin is an animator who is inspired by materials, and has made films in sand, cut-outs, paint, ink and markers. She enjoys letting the audience in on how the films were made, and therefore the process of creation is often evident in her work. Themes of her films have included memory, relationships, human-animal communication, the environment, and politics. In this presentation she will show some films that have appeared in festivals worldwide, a few early films, and some brand new work, while demonstrating the techniques used on a backlit animation stand.

Elizabeth Hobbs – Animation Artist, Lecturer (UK):
Elizabeth Hobbs is an award-winning animator based in East London. She trained as an illustrator at Edinburgh College of Art, and on graduating in 1991, began publishing small editions of her own artist’s books and prints.  She began making films in 1998 at Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art, Dundee. In 2000, Elizabeth was awarded an Arts Council of England/Channel 4 Animate! commission to make her film The Emperor (4’20”), an animation about the Napoleon Bonaparte's last moments on the island of St. Helena rendered in watercolour. In 2001, Elizabeth made The Witches (6’30”), this film was written by Morag McKinnon and commissioned by Cineworks in Glasgow.  In 2002, Elizabeth moved to London and in 2004 wrote and developed The True Story of Sawney Beane (10’39”), a film based on the life of the infamous Scottish cannibal from his aged mother’s perspective.  This film was made in co-production with the National Film Board of Canada and Red Kite Productions in Edinburgh. The Old, Old, Very Old Man, (6’38”) was the recipient of many awards including the Tricky Women Film Festival artist’s residency award. In 2013, Elizabeth finished her film Imperial Provisor Frombald, which was created with hand carved rubber stamps printed directly onto 35mm film.  Elizabeth also runs animation workshops in museums and galleries and lectures at Anglia Ruskin University in Cambridge.

Simone Gristwood – Researcher, Lecturer (UK):
Dr. Simone Gristwood is currently Research Curator of the Lansdown Archive at Middlesex Universtiy working with the archive of computer arts pioneer John Lansdown and funded by the Paul Mellon Centre for Studies in British Art.  She received her Ph.D. in Cultural Research from Lancaster University in 2010. Her thesis investigated links between the beginnings of photography in the 19th century and artificial intelligence (AI) in the 20th, through art historical and philosophical debates. She has worked on numerous archives including that of Japanese pioneer Hiroshi Kawano (1925-2012) at ZKM|Zentrum für Kunst und Medientechnologie in Germany, and has met and interviewed both Kawano and Masao Komura of the Computer Technique Group (CTG) when visiting Japan in 2009. More recently she has worked with the Royal College of Art to rediscover the work of L. Bruce Archer through his personal archive and the archive of the Department of Design Research (Royal College of Art) that is held at the Victoria and Albert Museum, London. 
Topic of presentation: Computer Arts – the Digital to the Analog

Monika Schwärzler – Researcher, Lecturer (A):
Senior research faculty at Webster University Vienna, Department of Media Communications; Ph.D. in Philosophy from the University of Vienna; graduate training at the Museum of Modern Art in Vienna; taught at Webster University  in St. Louis, MO and in the study abroad program of the University of Oregon; lectured at the International Summer School of the University of Vienna and in postgraduate museology programs at the University of Basle (CH); founder and Chair of the T.K. Lang Gallery at Webster University. Current fields of research: art and media theory, photography, visual culture.
Topic of presentation: “An Ear for a Film” - On the Sonification of Digital Worlds

Werner Raczkövi – Mechanical Wizard (A):
Born in Ingolstadt Bavaria. Apprenticeship as a mechanic in the mechanical workshop of the "Wien Film", Studio Rosenhügel. Radar observer and evaluator for the mobile radar flight reporting.  1966 Research-mechanic in the experimental workshop of the AKG development lab (acoustic and cinema equipment). 1967 Service technician at ORF. 1968 -1969 House technicians of "Austrian Telefilm". 1969 Technician at "H. W. Piety", the Austrian representation of ARRI Munich, Steenbeck Hamburg, Berlin Crass, Angenieux Paris , Puck Munich, Hamburg KEM, Neilson Hordell London, Perfectone Biel, Killi Munich and many others. 1979 Started his own company "RACINE Cinetechnik ". 2004 closing of his company due to retirement.

Nikolaus König – Researcher, Lecturer (A):
Nikolaus König is a media scholar and play theorist with a background in the humanities. His work focusses on the relation of human experience, mediated meaning generation and the construction of fantasies through media narratives. He has conducted research at the University of Vienna and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and is currently teaching at the Danube University's Center for Applied Game Studies.
Topic of presentation: "Do You Believe in Magic?"

Jürgen Hagler – Researcher, Lecturer, Curator (A)
Jürgen Hagler is an associate professor in the Digital Media department at the Upper Austria University of Applied Sciences (Hagenberg, Austria) and is in charge of computer animation and animation studies. He became the programme coordinator for the Digital Arts master’s degree programme in 2009. Since 2008 he is actively involved at Prix Ars Electronic. Prix Ars Electronica: Redefining the Boundaries of Computer Animation.
Since the mid 1980s, the Prix Ars Electronica has continually documented the genealogy of digital animation with its category “Computer Animation”. Since the boundaries between the various forms and genres of digital animation have become more and more blurred, this category is facing a serious question: does computer animation even fit into a category anymore? Through examples of recent Ars Electronica award-winning works, Juergen Hagler will discuss transgressions, fringe areas, trends and future developments in the field of computer animation.

The entire event will be hosted and moderated by Holger Lang and Franziska Bruckner.


Filmprogram 1:“in567-clash”

Saturday March 1st, 2014 - 06:30 p.m. at TOP KINO.
approx. 90 min.

For the fourth time a selection of short films will be presented under the title "in567". All run shorter than 9 minutes and 27 seconds and will unveil their little universes in less than 567 seconds. A variety of approaches to animation, experimental work, entertainment, style, language and structure will be included also in this year's program. The final line-up of films will be defined around mid-February 2014. Young Austrian film artist will be presented together with international filmmakers in an exciting and enjoyable anthology. Curated by Holger Lang.

so long

so long | 00:36 | 2011
Anna Vidyaykina

Leberkäse | 01:10 | 2009
Rafael Mayerhofer, Katja Flachberger

The Difference

The Difference | 01:12 | 2013
David Roitner

The clay speech

The clay speech | 01:40 | 2013
Badri Skhirtladze


Störkraft | 01:41 | 2013
David Mahlich


folia | 01:42 | 2010
Anna Vidyaykina

Glass Trap

Glass Trap | 01:52 | 2009
Adam Donovan


Kii | 01:56 | 2014
Anne Zwiener


Freude | 02:08 | 2009
Thomas Draschan

Unrest 1000

Unrest 1000 | 02:35 | 2012
Patrick Wagesreiter & Andreas Widder

The Thunderbirds’ Ballad

The Thunderbirds’ Ballad | 03:00 | 2013
Mandy McIntosh

Blue Jay in the Sky

Blue Jay in the Sky | 03:08 | 2012
Dominique Sellitsch


Whiteout | 03:26 | 2014
Birgit Scholin

family portrait

family portrait | 03:27 | 2013
Birgit Scholin

Homo Neanderthalenis

Homo Neanderthalenis | 03:58 | 2013
Johannes E. Lindtner

Trossets de Barcelona

Trossets de Barcelona | 03:59 | 2013
Maya Yonesho


Schreibmachinerie | 03:59 | 2011
Caro Estrada

Stuck in a Groove

Stuck in a Groove | 04:05 | 2010
Clemens Kogler

Knocked over again

Knocked over again | 04:20 | 2013
Adele Raczkövi

Through half closed eyes

Through half closed eyes | 04:20 | 2014
Marissa Wedenig


Ninetynine | 04:48 | 2013
Christopher Lindner, Andreas Widder, Michaela Wiesinger,
Patrick Wagesreiter

Courtship Costume - Broad Bean Band

Courtship Costume - Broad Bean Band | 04:51 | 2013
Eni Brandner

When one stops

When one stops | 06:31 | 2012
Jenni Rahkonen


Filmprogram 2:

Saturday March 1st, 2014 - 08:30 p.m. at TOP KINO.
approx. 90 min.

Contemporary independent animation from Seattle


Rocketmen trailer, Webster Crowell, 0:53 (2014)
The Rocketmen are the last surviving remnant of a WPA jobs program; their hardware, uniforms and budget haven’t changed since the great depression; generations of men employed atop rooftops and radio towers, waiting to save us from the threats of tomorrow. An adventure serial about what to do until the robots arrive, seven thrilling episodes written and directed by Animator Webster Crowell. Coming in 2014!


The Whale Story, Tess Martin, 3:46 (2012)
A fisherman experiences a moment of connection with a female humpback whale in the waters off of San Francisco. Is this an example of inter-species communication or a mysterious fluke? This true story is retold in paint on a 16 foot high wall with the help of the passing public in Seattle's Cal Anderson Park.


Song of the Spindle, Drew Christie, 4:03 (2011)
A man and whale argue about who is smarter and finally come to something of an understanding.
Animated in Flash and drawn by hand with tablet.


Crashing Waves, Britta Johnson, 6:53 (2010)
In this film, featuring a combination of stop-motion animation and time lapse photography, two shipwreck victims spend their days on a deserted shore, making the sun rise, the tides move in and out, etc. Are they gods, or have they been driven mad by their predicament?


Hi! I'm a Nutria, Drew Christie, 3:45 (2012)
In this animated Op-Doc for the New York Times, an invasive rodent asks how long it takes to become a native. Animated and colored in Photoshop with scanned ink drawings.


Harsh Tokes and Bong Jokes, Clyde Petersen, 3:46 (2013)
Hand drawn for his band Your Heart Breaks, Harsh Tokes and Bong Jokes is a drug-fueled teenage ride through the grunge rock streets of Seattle, Washington in the 1990's. Climb into a car with a bunch of queer teenagers as they take bong hits, rock out to mix tapes and play guitar on the beach.


Excerpt from Dream of a Beatnick Poet, Bruce Bickford, 5:24 (2000-present)
Bruce Bickford, known for his claymation videos for Frank Zappa from the 1970s, continues to animate every day. Working primarily now in fine-pencilled drawn animation, this is a five minute excerpt from one of his work-in-progress films, Dream of a Beatnick Poet.


Edible Rocks, Stefan Gruber, 2:49 (2013)
This animation recounts the time when the animator convinced his little brother that there were some rocks you could eat. Made with charcoal, colored pencils and gel pens.


They Look Right Through You, Tess Martin, 9:02 (2013)
Whether cat people or dog people, we all think we have relationships with our pets. But do our pets feel the same way?
Can we ever really know how our animals see us, or are our relationships with them ultimately a leap of faith? This marker-on-glass animated short uses interviews to explore the depth and limitations of human-pet relationships, and how we communicate, feel for and understand each other.


King Kong Kitchie Kitchie Ki-Me-O, Britta Johnson, 3:02 (2012)
The strange courtship of a frog and a mouse - an animated music video made with watercolors for Laura Veirs' song King Kong Kitchie Kitchie Ki- Me- O, featuring Bela Fleck on the banjo.


Total running time: 44 minutes


Animated films and an introduction by the artist.

Elizabeth Hobbs is a visual artist based in Hackney. Her background is in printmaking and artist’s books, for the last 12 years she has been making animated films.  Her films have won many awards.  A large part of Elizabeth’s work is creating participatory animated films and devising visual art projects with young people and community groups with artist Emily Tracy.  She also lectures in animation at Anglia Ruskin University.


The Emperor, 4:20 (2001)
Directed written and animated by Elizabeth Hobbs, commissioned by Animate!

The tale of a quest to free the Emperor Napoleon Bonaparte from exile on the island of St Helena including a fresh insight into the mystery of his pickled private parts. Watercolour on paper

Awards – The Emperor was shown in over 20 international film festivals and won the 2nd prize in the Animation section of the International Film Festival of Fine Arts, Szolnok, Hungary

The Nature of Bow, 2:20 (2003)

The Nature of Bow is a record of the natural habitat of Bow in East London created with members of the Bow Age Concern art group. Ink on paper

The True Story of Sawney Beane, 10:39 (2005)

A story of the 16th Century Scottish cannibal from his elderly mother’s perspective. Charcoal and watercolour

Awards - The McLaren Audience Award at the Edinburgh Film Festival in 2005, the Cineplex Odeon Award for Best Short Animation at the Victoria Independent Film Festival 2006, the Centaur Prize for Animation at the Message to Man Film Festival in Russia, nominated for a Scottish BAFTA in 2005 and short-listed for the 15th Kodak/BAFTA short film showcase in 2006.

Little Skipper, 1:03 (2009)

Butterfly prints of European butterflies are brought to life under a rostrum camera.

The Old, Old, Very Old Man, 6:03 (2007)
Written, directed and animated by Elizabeth Hobbs, produced by Kathrein Guenther.
Funded by the Hackney and Tower Hamlets Film Fund.

A film based upon the death of the 152 year old Thomas Parr in the year 1635. Ink on tile

Festivals 2007 – EIFF, Dok Leipzig, BAF, FLIP, Aurora, LIAF, Ottawa International Animation Festival, FIKE, SICAF, Animpact, Animateka 2008 - Tricky Women, Annecy, Zlin Dog, Anifest, Animafest Hiroshima.

Awards – Best Independent Film BAF! 2007, Best Animation International Programme 4, London International Animation Festival 2007 Best short film – Flip Festival Wolverhampton 2007, Best short film – Aurora, Norwich 2007, Finalist in the short film category British Animation Awards 2008, Awarded the prize of a 3 month residency at the Tricky Women Festival in Vienna 2009.

Imperial Provisor Frombald, 4:00 (2013)

The true story of Imperial Provisor Frombald, a very composed and efficient administrator.
Who is asked to travel deep into the Serbian countryside to resolve a spot of eighteenth century vampire hysteria that leaves him feeling nothing less than a little hysterical himself.
Hand carved rubber stamps printed on 35mm film

Total running time: approx. 30 minutes
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