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Animation - media half-blood or sparkling Chimera

The intersection of creative, experimental and commercial narrative techniques in a veil of moving images. Symposium with films, lectures, discussions and exhibitions.

under-the-radar - symposium

The symposium will take place at "Raum D" of the MuseumsQuartier
on the 23rd and 24th of February 2013.

On the evening of Saturday 23rd a screening of short animated films will take place. 
These films are collected to express a juxtaposition of conventional and experimental techniques and aesthetics. I included films from students, graduates and professors from several universities and also from independent filmmakers. 

On Sunday the 24th we will start from noon on with five lectures on various topics that relate to the interdisciplinary qualities of animation.
In contemporary media-production, - aesthetics and - theory animation is playing a key role and the presentations approach some of these aspects from different angles.
Our international guests come from practical, artistic, academic, theoretical and curatorial backgrounds, each talk will be approx. 40 minutes long.


Suzanne Buchan (United Kingdom):
Suzanne is Professor of Animation Aesthetics at Middlesex University. She is Editor of
"animation: an interdisciplinary journal" (http://anm.sagepub.com) and active as a curator. 
She published many books on a variety of areas in contemporary animation.
The topic of her presentation is ‘Pervasive Animation’

Jens Meinrenken (Germany):
Jens studied Art History, Philosophy and German Studies at the Universities Bamberg and Berlin. 
His publications circle around comics, animation and computer-games and
he holds a fellowship at the UDK Berlin.
The topic of his presentation is ‘Questions of Style: Comics and Animation as
Pictorial Forms of Modernity’

Rebecca Akoun (France):
Rebecca studied at Ecole Estienne des arts appliques in Paris and
at the Bezalel Academy of Art & Design in Jerusalem and works as independent animation artist.
Her recent movie "The Wolf turned Shepherd" is currently shown at film-festivals around the world.
In 2013 she is developing a new puppet animation.
The topic of her presentation is ‘Comparing animation-education in France and Israel and the impact on personal narrative and aesthetic choices in production’

Katharina Simoens (Belgium):
Katharina works as junior curator for the “Internationaal Kortfilmfestival Leuven” in Belgium which has a strong emphasis of short narrative films.
She also worked as curator for a variety of international short-film festivals, events,
DVD selections and cinemas.
The topic of her presentation is ‘Animation as growing aspect of short-film productions - seen from the perspective of a film-festival’

Van McElwee (USA):
McElwee has been producing and exhibiting experimental video since 1976 and works for over 30 years at the Media Communications department of Webster University in St.Louis.
He has been the recipient of numerous grants and awards, including The American Film Institute Independent Filmmaker Award and The John Simon Guggenheim Memorial Foundation Fellowship. 
The topic of his presentation is ‘The dimension of variation in relation to animation in my experimental media production’
Van McElwee is also the displaying additional work at an the exhibition space of ASIFA in the MuseumsQuartier.

The entire event will be hosted and moderated by Holger Lang, who will be supported by Franziska Bruckner, a film & animation researcher at University Vienna and Stefan Stratil, a colleague at Webster and head of the Austrian chapter of ASIFA - the Association International du Film d’Animation.

As a guest we will also welcome Chris Sagovac, the animation program coordinator from Webster St.Louis come to Vienna to join the symposium and faculty from other academic institutions in Austria.


Saturday 23rd, MuseumsQuartier, Raum D/quartier21 MQ

6:00 pm - meet-and-greet / casual
7:00 pm - welcoming our guests / screening of the anthology “in567-clash”  (approx. 90 min.) / Q&A
9:00 pm - social fade out (until approx. 11 pm)

Sunday 24th, MuseumsQuartier, Raum D/quartier21 MQ

11:30 am - coffee-and-cake / casual
12:00 noon - introduction

12:15 pm - presentation Suzanne Buchan
13:05 pm - presentation Jens Meinrenken
13:55 pm - presentation Rebecca Akoun

14:45 - break

15:00 pm - presentation Katharina Simoens
15:50 pm - presentation Van McElwee
17:00 pm - Q&A with all participants

17:15 pm Closing event of ASIFAKEIL - social fade out (open end)

Animation Program:“in567-clash”

Curated/selected by Holger Lang - screening on Saturday February 23rd at 7 p.m.
The organizers thank all the filmmakers for their contributions.

My Ghost

My Ghost (2011)
Lucia Hofer, Serafin Spitzer, Black Shampoo
Langsam Reiten Cowboy

Langsam Reiten Cowboy (2011)
Kurdwin Ayub

Between Two Points

Between Two Points (2011)


Timeshift (2012)
Barbara Proegelhofer

Sea Of Doubt

Sea Of Doubt (2012)
Brett Marren

Incredible Kiss

Incredible Kiss (2011)
Badri Skhirtladze


Navigators (2010)
Van McElwee

Miss Marie

Miss Marie (2011)
Maria Chalela-Puccini

Le Loup devenu Berger

Le Loup devenu Berger (2010)
Rebecca Akoun

The Atomic Age - J.Robert Oppenheimer

The Atomic Age - J.Robert Oppenheimer (2012)
Niyaz Abdulgaleev

Written in Pencil

Written in Pencil (2010)
Yaron Bar

#04, #21

#04, #21 (2012)


Remisequenz (2010)
Xenia Lesniewski

Lugares Comunes

Lugares Comunes (2008)
Maria Chalela-Puccini


newscaster/dragon/maggots (2012)
Chris Sagovac

Nothing in a box

Nothing in a box (2011)
David Gruber

You are changing

You are changing (2012)
Animation: Angelika Schneider
Formatentwicklung, Text: Rosa von Suess

Ars Rata

Ars Rata (2012)  
Christian Schulze, Moritz Palnstorfer


Exhaustibility (2012)
Eni Brandner


Egodyston (2009)
Xenia Lesniewski

The Comrades

The Comrades (2012)
Lisa Walzel


In-Between (2012)
Chi-Sui Wang


Mars (2011)
Christian Holzer, Robert Derflinger

Die Intrige und die Archenmuschel

Die Intrige und die Archenmuschel (2010)  
Kurdwin Ayub

Sick Shit

Sick Shit (2010)
Hubert Wedel, Piere Henri Kommer, Jakob Brem, Saskia Kasper

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