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30 Jahre Asifa Austria
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Artist in Residence 2010:
Bomi Ahn

My project represents artificial and unnatural circumstances of Seoul. I was interested about paradox mood of Seoul. For example, people easily find highly developed technology in everywhere(in architecture, in subway, in main train station and huge building etc….). At the same time, people can find easily these places having amount of homeless and jobless people. However Seoul has artificial technology beauty which Europe doesn’t have. Sometime it makes me feel quite sentimental due to the big gap between these two such a difference places.
I want to talk about this gap in these days. I already started talking about this theme in recent work. This theme also connected the issue of how am I changed by these circumstances. I think this subject is not only from my personal issue, but also can be connected with differences between these two social atmosphere and difference. For instance, differences of economy, politic, culture and circumstance and etc…


Diploma, bildendekunst, KunstUniversity in Linz, Austria, 2010 (studio of pro. Eva Grubinger)
B.A Painting department Hong Ik University in Seoul, South Korea, 2010 (not finished yet)
(took class called “Culture Theory” from Cody Choi)
(took class called “visual and image” from Yeon Shim Chung)
Sun Hwa Art High School, Seoul, South Korea, 2005

Choon Gye Art Festival, in Space C gallery, Seoul,
South Korea, 2008
Hi! Seoul Festival(out door exhibition in Children day)
Seoul, South Korea, 2007
Imagine of Rude in Gallery One, Seoul, South Korea, 2007
Street Art Festival, Seoul, South Korea, 2006

Employment history
Work as Illustrator at DooSan Internet Encyclopedia, 2009
Teaching Assistance (Pencil Drawing), 2006-2007

Volunteer work
Culture Leader F4_Art & Culture Lectures with Laonnuri,
Seoul, South Korea, 2009
Drawing Portrait_Seoul Broadcast Company, 2008

Second Prize in Hong Ik University Art Competition for
High & Middle School Students, 2004
4th Prize in Photography section, Feelux Photo Gallery, 2004

Trickfilmabend, in Rothern Krebs, linz, Austria, 2010
'I Go DDEEEEPP’ , Asifakeil / quatier 21, MQ, 2010
Organizing ‘Korean & Japanese Essen Presentation und Youtube Karaoke’ with Haruko Maeda, in Rothen Krebs, Linz, Austria,2010